Enjoy Business® Search Finder Engine

Sustainable, profitable long-term business opportunity

Unique success formula
  • Local
  • Turnkey business
  • Easy software
  • Delivers results for local businesses
  • effective
  • inexpensive
  • Fast, reliable, works on mobile phones
  • easy to change
  • quick
  • Search-friendly, Member pages found by Google/Bing/Yahoo
    Edit own information 24/7
    Low cost, little effort or experience needed
    Professional, choose color scheme, upload photos
    Facebook/twitter/video/website/email links included
    Random order, same businesses not always on top
    With or without own website

    Customers find it - fast and easy
  • results only for what what was asked
  • verified information
  • search for specific features, location and price—simultaneously
  • no irrelevant ads or pop-ups

  • Amazingly easy to manage
  • Easy, intuitive Admin Control Panel
  • SEO, reporting, tracking, security, server/software maintenance included
  • End user focus → customer retention → sustainability
  • Track record of 1 million hits/month within 6 months
  • www.EnjoyPortland.com
    Enjoy Business® Search Finder Engine benefits your community
  • satisfied customers
  • happy travelers
  • successful business owners
  • improving trade
  • Enjoy Business® Worldwide provides the software license, training, hosting with server maintenance and security, domain names, and ongoing expert search marketing advice. Maintaining servers and software for commercial websites with high traffic and e-payments requires specialized professionals. The business model allows Licensees to focus on local sales and service with the confidence of expert IT backing. To find out if you qualify,
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